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Your mission
We believe that every young person deserves the chance to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. That’s why we empower youth to make confident health choices through accessible, shame-free health education and resources. Over 10 years ago, we began with a bold vision to enhance youth health and wellness. We launched projects for accessible, stigma-free health education and resources for peers. Despite obstacles, we became a leader, internationalized programs, and built partnerships. Our vision is aa world where every young person has knowledge, resources, and confidence for a healthy and fulfilling life.
Your profile
What makes the GENERAL MANAGER US successful at F/A/Q?
Entrepreneurial Spirit. The success of our General Manager in the US hinges on possessing an entrepreneurial spirit. This involves the ability to take initiative, think creatively, and navigate the challenges of establishing and growing operations in a new market.
Cultural Sensitivity & Local Insight. Our General manager US recognizes regional differences, understands community dynamics, and tailors strategies to resonate with the values and interests of the target audience. Building strong connections with the local community is essential for long-term success.
Strategic Partnerships & Networking. Success in this role extends beyond internal team management to external relationship-building. Our General Manager should actively seek and cultivate strategic partnerships with local organizations, influencers, and community leaders. Establishing a strong network can open doors for collaboration, amplify the organization's reach, and contribute to successful fundraising and grant acquisition efforts.
Job Responsibilities will include, but not limited to:
  • Team Building & Leadership: Build and lead the first team for F/A/Q in the United States, fostering a culture of collaboration, innovation, and impact.
  • Recruit, train, and mentor team members, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and values.
  • US Operations Setup: Establish and oversee all aspects of US operations, including legal, financial, and administrative functions.
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures tailored to the US market while ensuring alignment with the overall organizational framework.
  • Social Media Growth & Community Building: Develop and execute a comprehensive social media strategy to grow our audience and community in the United States.
  • Foster engagement and interaction within the community, utilizing various platforms to amplify the organization's mission and impact.
  • Local Fundraising and Grant Acquisition: Take the lead in securing local fundings and grants to support the organization's initiatives in the United States.
  • Cultivate relationships with local donors, partners, and foundations, presenting compelling cases for support and collaboration.
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation: Work closely with the global leadership team to align US operations with the overall strategic goals of F/A/Q.
  • Develop and execute plans to achieve growth targets, ensuring that local initiatives contribute to the organization's global impact.
The following abilities, skills and qualifications are needed to perform best on the job:
  • 8+ years of experience in as a leader in business development marketing or a related field with 3 years experience in marketing operations
  • BSc/BA in Business, International Management or a related field; MSc/MA is a plus
  • Located in the US, Los Angeles.
  • Excellent leadership and communication skills com­bined with methodological competence and expe­rience in change management.
  • Strong results orientation paired with strategic thin­king, entrepreneurial spirit, and business acumen.
  • Demonstrated track record of building high-perfor­ming, diverse, and inclusive teams with a culture of curiosity and collaboration
  • Methodological competence in process optimization and application of lean tools
  • A solution-oriented, structured, independent way of working and a high degree of hands-on mentality.
  • Familiarity with project management tools and methodologies is beneficial.
  • Ideas on how to keep us at the top of our game! Creativity and a passion for product management will be key to our success. 
  • Ability to work independently and a dedicated, self-motivated approach to work.
  • Your professional approach is one of strong communication and collaboration mixed with a high drive for action & impact. 
  • Very good knowledge of English.
Why us?
  • Purpose-Driven Impact - Join a team dedicated to making a positive impact on society and contributing to meaningful causes.
  • Professional Development Opportunities - Avail yourself of extensive opportunities for career growth and skill development within a dynamic and forward-thinking environment.
  • Individualized Personal Development - Benefit from personalized personal development plans supported by external coaches, fostering continuous growth and learning.
  • Robust Onboarding Support - Experience a strong support system during onboarding, ensuring a smooth transition into the organization's culture and values.
  • Startup Flair with Big Opportunities - Enjoy the excitement of a startup environment coupled with significant opportunities for professional and personal achievement.
  • Hybrid Working Environment - Embrace a flexible work environment with the option for hybrid work arrangements, allowing for a healthy work-life balance.
  • International Travel Opportunities - Explore and engage with diverse perspectives through international travel opportunities, broadening your horizons both personally and professionally.
  • Team Events and Bonding - Participate in engaging team events that foster a sense of camaraderie and collaboration among colleagues.
About us
We started as a small group of young  individuals with a bold vision to improve youth health and wellness. Driven by our commitment to create a better future, we launched various projects to  address the need for accessible and stigma-free health education and resources  for our peers. Despite facing many challenges, we refused to accept the status  quo and used our creativity and passion to develop innovative solutions. Over  the years, our unwavering commitment to empowering young people earned us recognition  and various impactful, award-winning campaigns.    

As we evolved, we consolidated our various activities and became a leader in youth health and prevention, offering a holistic approach to promote health literacy and informed decision-making. With a deep respect for diversity and the importance of meeting young people on their level, we continued to expand and internationalize our programs, build strong partnerships, and inspire many individuals to join us.


In 2023, after the challenges posed by the  Covid-19 pandemic, we emerged stronger, with a new team and offices in Hamburg,  Johannesburg, and Los Angeles. Committed to our purpose, vision, and mission,  we are dedicated to empowering more young people to lead the healthiest life  possible. Our vision of a world where every young person has the knowledge,  resources, and confidence to lead a healthy and fulfilling life is within  reach, and we won't stop until it becomes a reality. At the heart of F/A/Q – The Better Health Group is the belief that every young person has the right to lead a healthy life, and  it's this passion that drives the brand to continuously evolve and adapt to  meet the ever-changing needs of young people.

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